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Our Story

Shades of Blackness Scented Candles is a visionary candle company committed to crafting exquisite hand-poured candles that celebrate the beauty and diversity of Black culture. Our candles serve as a symbol of unity, empowerment, and cultural pride, each one carefully created to embody the vibrant "shades of blackness" that define us. We take pride in using natural soy wax in all our creations and not only ensure a clean and longer-lasting burn but also support sustainable agriculture practices. 


Our aim is to foster a culture of inclusivity and self-acceptance within the wellness sector. We strongly believe that diversity, in all its forms, brings unique perspectives, experiences, and insights that can enrich the industry and positively impact individuals seeking well-being. By encouraging diversity, We aim to create an environment where everyone feels valued, represented, and empowered to embrace their authentic selves. 


Join us in illuminating the world with the radiant light of "shades of blackness" and experience the transformative power of our clean, natural soy wax, scented candles.

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