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Our Story

Hi there, candle enthusiasts and positivity seekers! 


I'm Nicole, the brains and heart behind this one-woman candle crew.   It all started as a hobby during lockdown, just me and my love for crafting.

I wanted to learn something new and candles it was.  After over a year and a half of learning the craft I officially became a business in  2022.


In this cozy corner of the candle world, I'm on a mission to spread the glow of diversity and body positivity. 

Why? Because life's too short not to celebrate every shade, shape and vibe that we are. My candles are here to uplift, encourage, and make you feel good.


What sets us apart? Well, we're not just about pretty flames and soothing scents. We're about being socially responsible too. All our candles are crafted with natural goodies like soy wax and paraben-free fragrance oils. 

No nasties here – just pure, good vibes.

And you know what? Our commitment to Mother Earth is no joke. From recyclable packaging to materials made from recycled stuff, we're doing our bit to keep things green.


On a personal note. I'm not just about making candles; I'm about creating moments. 

My ambition is to grow this small business into something that brings joy to your space and beyond. Think of it as my personal mission to spread warmth, light, and a whole lot of good energy.


So, here's to you, here's to me, and here's to the journey we're embarking on together. Let's light up some lives and make this world a cosier, brighter place – one candle at a time. 

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